Watch: Donald – “Crazy but Amazing” LIVE | Live Amp


There’s no denying that Donald knows how to heat up a stage.

Stopping by Live Amp‘s Randburg studios to perform his new hit single, Donald did more that convince viewers about the power of love.

Apparently sex appeal has it’s own force that’s just as “Crazy but Amazing” as his new tune. The song talks about the unbelievable feeling of being in love but Donald took it to a new level. Armed with his digital music-making troupe and his signature red microphone, Donald performed an emotionally charged set on the Friday night music show. Dressed in all white everything, his style mattered nought as soon as his vest followed his jacket with their new home on the floor. Soon after, it would be his mic that he would introduce to the floor, concluding his steamy performance before the show presenters came in.

It’s no doubt one for the ladies but if you are a guy, and you can hold a note or two, perhaps some note-taking couldn’t hurt.


One thought on “Watch: Donald – “Crazy but Amazing” LIVE | Live Amp

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