PREMIERE: Donald – “Crazy but Amazing” | Video


Donald showers his lover with crazy but amazing love.

If you thought his debut live performance last week of his new single, “Crazy but Amazing” was as sexy as it can get, you obviously underestimated the man.

Along with his ever-sexy lead girl, actress Pam Andrews, Donald oozes sex appeal ever so effortlessly in his new video. The clip captures intimate scenes of the couple from the bedroom to the kitchen, the car and shower and everything in between.

The video is cut in a lavish and luxurious mansion which quickly matters naught as soon as the trust between the couple is threatened, prompting Andrews to pack up and leave.

If you thought the reunion in the rain scene is so cheesy 90s, you underestimate again. Donald and Andrews could make Styrofoam cups look sexy even if they had mud masks on their faces.

It’s the hottest love song of the season and we couldn’t have asked for a better video.


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