Watch: Gangs of Ballet LIVE at Rocking the Daisies | Full Set

Photo credit: Warren Talmarkes

Gangs of Ballet turn RTD into a sweet world.

When we caught up with them during their yes/no/grey. Album Launch Tour, Durbanite rockers Gangs of Ballet told us that they were the kind of band that put the effort into their live performances. We see no falsities in that declaration.

The annual Rocking the Daisies Festival was back in the small Cape Town-neighbouring town of Darling and it was simply better than ever. Gangs of Ballet were scheduled to begin rocking the RTD crowd just before dusk and lead them into a festival goer’s bliss right into the evening. Performing all their hit singles from “This Love” to “Daydream” and, of course, “Hello Sweet World” in a thrilling 45-minute set, the crowd belted out all the ooo’s, aah’s and hooks, much to the delight of the Durban quartet.

If you ignore the RTD branding and the fact that you’re likely to spot someone you know in the crowds (even if this person is yourself), it’s not so hard to imagine this performance on any of the world’s great festival stages from Lollapalooza to Reading, Glastonbury and everything in between. Another thing we learnt from our exclusive interview with them is that one of their wishes is to see the day a local act headlines a stadium tour. From what they gave at RTD, this day might be closer than they think.


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