#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with: Nakhane Touré – Part 1: Identity


We step into the fog and discover the man behind the music.

It’s one of the warmest days we’ve had in the Cape and the City Lodge lobby at the V&A Waterfront feels awfully welcoming. Nakhane Touré’s style is easy – striped vest, grey jeans and tribal print ivy cap – and he and his two-man entourage (one man and one woman, in the interest of being politically correct) spot me first. As soon as introductions are out of the way a conversation is already in effect setting the actual start of the interview way before we reach the downstairs bar and much longer before I press record.

Touré has an eager demeanour about him and a genuine interest in people, as is consistent with his true life revelations in his debut album Brave Confusion. It wasn’t long before that eager energy was replaced with a sombre tone of pain. In fact, it was the very first question on his identity that induced the energy shift in the room and set the precedent in motion for the rest of Part 1 and perhaps the entire interview: this was a young man with a lot of life, pain and love and all he wants to do is share it with whoever will listen.

From his personal identity change to his professional identity change, what it takes to record and cut an album and how these decisions have reflected where he was at the time – Part 1 introduces you to the incomparable new artist that is Nakhane Touré.

Part 2 debuts tomorrow, 5 November, at noon.


2 thoughts on “#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with: Nakhane Touré – Part 1: Identity

  1. So I wanted to send a comment this way because it seems so appropriate! Very cool Fumi! Looking forward to reading part 2 now! 🙂

    Very Well done!

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