Watch: Shadowclub “Goodbye Wild Child” EPK | Just Music Sessions


Shadowclub debut their second album & learn how to make music quickly.

Arguably one of the most progressive new bands in the country, Shadowclub are a world-class act of note.

The three-man band is made up of accomplished musicians in their own rights who come together to create a sound all their own. It’s everything you love about rock ‘n roll, soul and jazz amalgamated into smooth melodic crashing guitar platter.

Shadowclub is on to their sophomore album with Goodbye Wild Child. The new album, due for release this December, features ballads for the first time from the local rockers. With lyrics as piercing as “My heavy heart could burn a hole through the floor”, “Dirt & The Rubble” is one such ballad that’s bound to see more G-string throwers attending the band’s concert and, more importantly, more accolades like SAMAs.

Watch the band talk their experiences recording and cutting the album below and check back soon for a full review of Goodbye Wild Child.


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