#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with: Nakhane Touré – Part 2: Duty


“Oh, tell me sweetly: how many of these will I have to take to die? You speak so kindly. Cheers to new beginnings!”

A more relaxed energy occupies the room as do the hotel staff. The peak in the business of the hospitality staff is directly proportional to the energy of Part 2 of the interview: Duty.

Call it ‘destiny’ or ‘a calling’ or ‘purpose’ or what have you – we all have the need to fulfill some role in the cosmos. It neither wasn’t nor isn’t to be a “Pour It Up”-esque single for Nakhane Touré; not because he can’t but because he doesn’t want to. What does it mean to be a gay, Xhosa musician from PE in modern-day South Africa? Has this role even been defined? Does it not carry with it the stigma of taboo?

Don’t take it out of context. Don’t take out what Brave Confusion means, you know…’cause there’s a lot of pain in the album

he says only to take us back to where the interview began. Might The Star have been accurate in its analysis of the album being consistent with death references? And who says death has anything to do with dying anyway?

Touré unpacks his duties as an artist who has his sights set on tarnishing stereotypes.

Part 3 debuts tomorrow, 6 November, at noon.


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