#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with: Nakhane Touré – Part 3: Ego


“I heard it from a friend about the things you said. But they know me better than that.”

There is a very fine line between confidence and ego and it’s one that Nakhane Touré seems to toe regularly. He attributes the source of the latter to an ego inherent to his family, who happen to be of noble decent. In between it all, he was never short on love which was responsible for fueling his confidence to express himself and his ideas; his feelings and experiences. Controversial, daring, taboo, bold, risqué…brave? This is the sound of Brave Confusion, not so? Not so. It’s the difference between pretty and the truth, club bangers and the reality of life outside of the club.

But how does a now confident young man grow up from a boy who felt completely alone? A boy who never thought anyone would understand. Ever. A boy who discovered he likes boys even though he was from a Christian home and considered himself a Christian too. To be the voice of the now (thanks to himself) formerly voiceless – this is in fact the sound of Brave Confusion.

In Part 3 of our exclusive, Touré lets us in on what it feels like to offer yourself, your ego and your confidence up for ridicule, scrutiny and criticism in the name of art.

Part 4, the penultimate installment, debuts tomorrow, 7 November, at noon.

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