#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with: Nakhane Touré – Part 4: Therapy


“If I don’t believe it that night I’m not singing it.

Nakhane Touré (however unaware of this) is being led through an interview by an interviewer whose thoughts are as irregular and seemingly disjointed at times as his are. My advantage: my prepared notes. Nevertheless, we both overcome our compulsion with thoughts and return back to key issues that cannot be ignored. This notion, of course, is one of the golden threads of the album that I have come to discover throughout the interview.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, what it the value of being bravely confused if no one likes confusion anyway? We revisit what it means to tell the silent story. He cites Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye and her emphasis on the fact that if a book that you need to read is currently non-existent, the duty is yours to write it.

I speak to a friend after the interview who shares a love of Brave Confusion as fervent as my own. She opens my eyes to the fact that what makes the album beautiful is that it challenges us as a nation to ask ourselves what we’ve been doing for the past 20 years. What have we said? What new things have we begun talking about that concern ourselves and not the generation that afforded us a restless freedom? Brave Confusion is perhaps then the sigh of relief that we’ve been longing for because for the first time it makes way for a new conversation to begin.

Inasmuch as the process of putting pen to paper, picking up his guitar and pressing record has been a therapeutic experience for Touré, the bravely confused, voiceless generation have finally discovered they are not alone.

The final installment of Nakhane Touré exclusive debuts tomorrow, 8 November, at noon.


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