#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with: Nakhane Touré – Part 5: Fog


Conversations with the Man upstairs.

My interview with Nakhane Touré comes on a particularly special day. It just so happens to be the day his debut video “Fog” debuts.

After the interview, I watch the video with Touré. It was the first time he had seen the final cut straight through. He turns the tables on me and asks for my thoughts on the video. We begin to talk about the uncomfortable and grotesque staring game he plays with the video’s viewers. It’s kind of sexual, he admits. It’s really grotesque, he concurs. The excitement for a first video by a new artist is as impossible to deny as it is to describe.

I probe the subtext of the video, however, asking whether or not it is a conversation with and, more interestingly, a challenge to God. He takes me back to “Christopher” revealing how many songs on the album are conversations with God and “Fog” is no exception.

Feeling that it has been unjustly neglected, he wants to emphasise the exasperation of the closing climax of “Fog”: Come on / Come on / Come on / Come on. While he reveals that he has been blessed since the start of his career – he makes and performs music all day, everyday – he is not suddenly blinded to the fact that there are people in his life that he cares about who have been on the receiving end of a raw deal. “What would be the ultimate goal?” A question I conclude all my interviews with. While each answer before this has been uniquely interesting, none has been so simple yet so poignant.

In the final part of our Nakhane Touré exclusive, get the artist’s raw, first feelings about his video, find out why he needs to hang on and what the ultimate goal would be.


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