EXCLUSIVE: FDBQ&A with Red Huxley

20131113-120900.jpgPhoto credit: Kim Hinrichs

Red Huxley talks meeting their hero, living the dream and why they’re simply “rockin'”.

They’re still running high on the energy of their Dave Catching studio session in California and we thought we’d catch up with them before they got to share it with the world.

Red Huxley are set to launch their debut full-length album, Nothing More, this Friday at The Assembly in Cape Town. The launch follows a tumultuous journey from meeting their hero, Eagles of Death Metal, to cutting the new album with guitarist, Dave Catching.

At a recent private listening session of the album, the excitement of the trio could not be denied. They were simply itching to share their new music with the world and won’t be too long now. In our Exclusive FDBQ&A, we finding out how they’re doing as the excitement ahead of their launch reaches fever-pitch!

Feedback Musiq: What is the inspiration behind the name ‘Red Huxley’?
Red Huxley: It actually came from our mate of ours who was trying to name the band. He wrote down a collection of cool words on a page and shuffled them around to see what he could come up with. He got ‘Huxley’ from Aldous Huxley and thought that ‘Red’ suited it really well. And hey, Red Huxley was born.

FDBQ: Describe the band in one word.
RH: Rockin’.

FDBQ: What was the inspiration behind the treatment to the “My Own Way” video?
Back in the early days of our band we found a ‘very inspirational’ picture of two semi-naked girls walking through the desert that we put our logo over and used as our profile picture. It seemed to go down quite well with our fans and the music video idea grew from that picture. It seemed to suit the song “My Own Way” really well, which helped us to shape the video.

FDBQ: What have been your favourite festivals to play and what have been some of the most interesting moments at these?
RH: Between the three of us, Oppikoppi seems to be the favourite festival. We always get a great response from the crowd and love playing there. When we played this year we only [just] landed back in SA, after recording in the States, on the day of our performance. We had to rush to get to there and only just made it to our set in time. We were all just buzzing on adrenaline, it was a great show.

FDBQ: What was the experience of meeting Eagles of Death Metal like?
RH: It was amazing! We met them backstage when they came to play ‘One Night in Cape Town’ and they were such great guys. They walked in with a cooler box of beers and some music and just got the party going. That was when we managed to approach guitarist Dave Catching, give him our stuff and ask if he would be keen to produce our album. He ended up inviting us to to his studio in Joshua Tree, California. Working and spending time with Dave in his studio was awesome and so inspirational for us. Dave was so chilled and he allowed us to be ourselves, which translated very well onto the album we recorded there.

FDBQ: How has recording your new album in California differed from recording in South Africa?
RH: Dave has so much equipment in his studio that he knows like the back of his hand, so if we were to ask for a certain sound he would rummage in a cupboard, dust off a pedal, plug in a guitar and come up with the exact sound we wanted. He is genius like that. So it helped to be in his space that he knows so well with all his gear. Also to spend 3 weeks living in the desert really gets you out of your comfort zone and lets you focus in fully on the recording process, as there are not many distractions around. Where in South Africa, we would have gone home after a day recording, in California the studio doubled as a home so it was really comfortable.

FDBQ: A Dave Catching recording session followed by Oppikoppi followed by your doccie launch and soon your album launch – would you say you’re living the rock star dream?
RH: It definitely feels that way because we have had such a great experience and have been enjoying every moment of it but I think we still have a long way to go and some hard work before we can really be living the rock star dream.

FDBQ: A number of local bands have relocated to the US. Is that on the cards for Red Huxley? Will it ever be if the opportunity came up?
RH: Yes, if we got the opportunity to go over we would definitely take it again. When we finished recording Dave said ‘Awesome, so when can I book you for your second album’, so who knows, maybe we can do our next album there. Although I think for now we would love to take our music over to Europe and play some shows there.

FDBQ: What is your proudest achievement?
RH: I think that our successful Kickstarter campaign is quite a proud moment, raising $25000 in 40 days wasn’t that easy and we still can’t quite believe we did it. Although i would say the proudest moment for me is the fact that Dave Catching, someone who we have looked up to since before we were a band together, liked our music enough to invite us to come record with him in California.

FDBQ: What would be the ultimate goal?
RH: The ultimate goal would be to one day be playing sold out stadium shows around the world and to be able to play the music we love for the rest of lives.

20131113-123337.jpgPhoto credit: Kim Hinrichs

Check back soon for a full review on Red Huxley’s Nothing More.


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