Watch: Lira Talks her Rise to Fame, Deciding to use a Stage Name & Being Human | V Entertainment


V Entertainment’s Dineo chats to Lira.

Lira recently sat down with V Entertainment’s Dineo to weigh in on a few things you didn’t know about Lira.

With the very beginning being such a very good place to start, Dineo uncovers Lira’s unsuspecting discovery. Lira also describes her journey on tour with the 999 stable and how the pandemonium of the power of celebrity ultimately made her decide on distancing herself from her work through a psuedonym. Of course, a real human being lies behind the name Lira and even Lerato and she speaks about how she longs to connect with her fans on this level via social media.

All this and more in her V Entertainment exclusive below.

For more on this interview and the latest in South African and international entertainment news, tune into V Entertainment every weeknight at 6PM CAT, only on Vuzu.


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