Watch: Mathew Gold LIVE at Rocking the Daisies 2013 | Full Performance


He’s no ordinary guy. He’s the Gold standard.

He’s had a more than notable rise to the top of the charts and now he’s stealing hearts at Rocking the Daisies!

His name is Mathew Gold and amidst the stoners, the drunks and the believers in aliens, he gave a jumping 40-minute set of some of his hit singles from his debut album, The Rush. Even though the Darling wind tried to keep things cool, a CSquared-clad Gold turned up the heat as he performed all of his fan favourites from the infectious Goodluck collaborative “Taking It Easy” to his breakout number one hit single, “No Ordinary Guy”.

Check out the complete set list below:

Last Summer
Life is Short
Taking It Easy
Vocal Freestyle
No Ordinary Guy
Higher Than the Sun
Where Are You Going?

In case you missed out on the show or want to relive the experience all over again, watch the full set below.

Be sure to purchase The Rush on iTunes or at your nearest music store today.


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