PREMIERE: Shugasmakx – “Wathinta Thina” | Video


Shugasmakx looks back to the future!

If you know anything about this country, you probably guessed from the title that this next song samples the world famous soundtrack to the award-winning musical, Sarafina!.

But allow me to take you to the West for a moment – one of the places in which the musical has found critical acclaim and popularity. If Shugasmakx is to Jay-Z and what all of Skwatta Kamp and Buttabing Entertainment are to the Billionaire Boys Club, then his latest single, “Wathinta Thina” is “BBC”. The track lauds the successes of his crew and their achievements and, truth be told, after so many years they have more than enough to be proud of.

Mfundi Mvundla’s original “Wathinta Thina” serves as a metaphor to emphasise the unshakable nature of the clique – “we will not move” – and what more rigorous of a test is there than time, which they seem to still be passing.

The video echoes this grand feeling with shots up on high rise buildings above the Johannesburg skyline and it’s quite a scene to witness. You’ll also get to witness Shugasmakx’s choreographic debut.


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