PREMIERE: Die Heuwels Fantasties – “Hou Aan” | Video


Die Heuwels Fantasties inspire hope with a call to hold on.

A world class visual by a world class act – that’s what debuted online today.

Die Heuwels Fantasties have released their psychedelic visual interpretation of their new single, “Hou Aan”. Stunning cinematic visuals of a wanderer in a desert, a wander on an old farm road and a wanderer in a lonely town are artistically strung together to form a non-specific narrative. It is perhaps one of the best music videos to have come out of the country this year and well deserved for a song as epic as “Hou Aan”.

Of course the story ends not with the aimless wandering of the video’s concealed characters. As the inspirational song and its video illustrate, the sun always rises on over any dark situation so hold on to your seats and enjoy the shortfilm (because that’s actually what this music video is).

Pre-order the Wens Jy Was Hier EP on iTunes today and get the new single, “Hou Aan”, instantly. Support our world-class local music.


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