Watch: Swedish-South African Hip Hop Crew, Kwaai Take Way Out West Festival


Kwaai shut the Way Out West Festival down!

When a group of Swedish musicians and rappers made the trip to South Africa to record a new album they had no idea that they would leave with more than just a collection of kwaai tracks.

The culmination of that trip is the Swedish-South African musical gumbo act that goes by the simple name, Kwaai. December 2012 saw their first meeting which has since sprung up a wealth of musical genius among the musical creative think tank that is the crew.

The Way Out West Festival in Göteborg, Sweden is one of Sweden’s biggest music festivals. This year saw the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys and Miguel making the top of the headliner set list. But the Gothenberg music junkies knew what they were really there for and so did festival managers. Kwaai was set as one of the festival’s closing acts and judging by the fans’ reaction, it was definitely a best for last performance set.

Kwaai invite us on their delayed (by certain crew members) travels to Way Out West on their tour bus. You’ll get to meet every last eccentric character that makes up the eclectic crew and their tongue-in-cheek, take-no-prisoners tour manager.

A collaboration that works as effortlessly as this happens once in a lifetime – experience the magic in this 12-minute visual tour diary.


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