Watch: Trevor Rebello’s ‘Slow Horses: The Shortfilm’ Part I


Today might be your day…

It was only a few weeks after we brought you the debut EP Slow Horses that we got wind of a supplementary shortfilm in the works. Needless to say, it’s as epic as we expected it to be.

A new artist though he may be, it’s not so difficult to draw parallels between this folk rock icon and the legendary King of Pop. How about this grand gesture of an epic music video for starters? MJ got the ball rolling with “Thriller” and Rebello takes it to another level with a shortfilm first in South Africa (that we’ve seen) that captures the essence of his EP, dabbling with volatile questions of intimacy and heartbreak.

Part I of the shortfilm tries not to sugarcoat the harsh realities of a down-and-out life that can only be cured by self-medicating. That being said, a ray, or if only, a shimmer of hope is inspired with the hope that our tragic hero protagonist, played by Gordon Lambert, may still have his day. This is even amongst being shortchanged and getting up to unnecessary mischief at a house party.

If your life sounds dangerously similar (or not at all), this might be a good time to get your whisky ready. There’s no bravery required for viewing this Part I of the visual – it might just give it a nice kick to enjoy Slow Horses: The Shortfilm with drink in hand as did many an exclusive guest at The Bioscope premiere in Johannesburg. Get yours ready and catch up on them below.

Check back soon for Part II, the penultimate installment of Slow Horses: The Shortfilm.

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