Listen: Kennedy Thal – “You Changed Me” | Demo


Kennedy Thal rediscovers and realises himself along the way.

While we’re not completely certain about the future of this premature record we thought it too bright a diamond in the rough to keep secret for too long.

The intimate and heartfelt demo that debuted today is Kennedy Thal’s “You Changed Me”. The 4-minuter takes you on Thal’s retrospective journey of realising him and the affect a relationship has had on his personal development. If you know anything about Thal, you know that his covers of popular radio hits are perhaps what he’s best known for. We hope that that changes after this record. You have never heard him sound more effortlessly powerful, more undeniably sincere, more vocally strong – his best effort yet and a clear indicator that his is a voice to stand the test of time.

We brace ourselves for the future of this record or the advent of future demos. Whatever happens from here on out you can rest assured it will only get better.

Check back soon for more on Kennedy Thal.


2 thoughts on “Listen: Kennedy Thal – “You Changed Me” | Demo

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