FDBQ Exclusive Premiere: Moz Kidd – “U Know” | Audio


Moz Kidd means business. If you didn’t know, now you know!

We first discovered the young rapper when he released the Blaze-assisted single, “Playing Games (Ladies.Is.Pimps.Too)”, early last month. From the looks of it, there are no games to be played here though – this young guy means business.

Moz Kidd debuts his next single, “U Know” today as a response to the critics – negative, positive, or otherwise – letting them know that age is but a number. At 16 years old, the flow you appreciated on his last single is taken the next level on this new cut. And how many artists can claim a quality music video that made its way onto to national television at his age?

It seems there’s no stopping this young guy and in case you weren’t so sure about that sentiment he makes sure you know on his new single.

Feedback Musiq got a first listen to the new Elvis Flybeatz-produced single, “U Know”, which is available for exclusive download here.

Stay with Feedbaq for all the latest on Moz Kidd.


4 thoughts on “FDBQ Exclusive Premiere: Moz Kidd – “U Know” | Audio

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      Are you accessing the site via PC? The PC version will give you the option to ‘listen’ to or ‘download’ the song. You will only be able to listen to it if you have a particular plug-in installed. For that reason, we suggest you simply download the song.

      We hope this helps.

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