NEW: “Y-tjukutja” – Uhuru ft. Dj Buckz, Oskido, Professor & Yuri-Da-Cunha | Video


Are you too stiff for the Y-tjukutja?

Every summer, party goers are offered the opportunity to refresh their repertoire with a new dance craze. Have you caught on to the Y-tjukutja?

We won’t bother trying to figure out what it means or where it originates from. The new Uhuru track is irresistible and even if you’re not a pro Y-tjukutja-er, you’ll find an excuse to get up and dance to this number. As if that wasn’t enough, it features house heavyweights and legends including DJ Bucks, Oskido, Professor and Angolan vocalist, Yuri-Da-Cunha.

Summer’s officially here and that means it’s time to get down. Get your Y-tjukutja on with the new Uhuru hit!


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