Watch: Spoek Mathambo with Special Guest Zoe Modiga LIVE at Rocking the Daisies 2013 | Full Set


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He’s here to start a riot in this mother!

The show ended with a concluding statement by the MC dubbing him the “most innovative artist” from South Africa, and it’s just as well, because if you have yet to encounter the creative tour de force that is Spoek Mathambo you’ll have no choice but to agree after watching this set.

Spoek Mathambo took over the main stage at this year’s Rocking the Daises with one goal in mind: to cause a riot up in that mofo. Performing all his hits, including fan favourites, “Control”, “Father Creeper” and “Let Them Talk”, a mask-clad Mathambo turned things into a mosh pit!

Known for his eccentric style, this performance was a lesson in stage costume. A tribal print jumpsuit paired with a yellow coat and gold mask completed the first of two outfits for his RTD set. It wasn’t long before the finale would see him lose both coat and mask for a Native American chief’s hat.

But this wasn’t before he was to invite his special guest Zoe Modiga on to the stage who tinged the alternative hip hop set with her cocoa butter, earthy sound, allowing us to see her fragile side with her acoustic solo. A duo (or two) was in order and the seamless gelling of the two distinct sounds reaffirmed the length and breadth of Mathambo’s innovative prowess.

He’s one of the country’s most valuable exports and there is no better experience of the genius that is Spoek Mathambo than the live experience. Got yours below.


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