Watch: Trevor Rebello’s ‘Slow Horses: The Shortfilm’ Part II


Are you in the business of selling your love?

The second and penultimate installment of the shortfilm Slow Horses sees our tragic hero lead begin his out-of-control spiral to peril.

Kudos to you Mr Rebello – we couldn’t think of a better song to go with the midway chapter than “The Love You Sell”. It is precisely this song that magnifies the violence that is Part II’s climatic end. Make no mistake: violence is inexcusable. But as it goes with the Othellos and Oedipuses of the world, there’s a part in all of us that tends to sympathise with particular offenders in particular circumstances. So perhaps one could understand – however not condone – the actions of one who defends the love he fell victim to purchasing.

Or maybe life just sucks and no matter how nicely you clean up for your girl’s house party, a leopard never changed its spots. Whatever it is, it’s a great motion picture underscored by great music.


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