PREMIERE: Reason ft. Tumi, Ginger Breadman & Tall A$$ Mo – “Bump the Cheese Up” | Video


You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

Many a new artist (if not all) know the story all too well: you get to a gig, perform your heart out and you get shortchanged, and that’s if you’re lucky, because it’s likely you won’t even get paid.

But if you’re Reason, you’ve got a standard response: “Bump the Cheese Up”. Hanging out with rappers Tumi, Ginger Breadman and, everyone’s favourite funnyman, Tall A$$ Mo, Reason drops the video to his new you-are-not-getting-away-with-cheating-me-out-***** anthem! Mo provides the comic relief by playing the naïve, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new artist who gets cheated out of his performance. Meanwhile, Reason, Tumi and Ginger Breadman hit the mic with some of the best bars we’ve heard this year.

Pump up the volume on this one and let your debtors know to bump the mother****** cheese up.

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