Watch: Swedish-South African Hip Hop Crew, Kwaai Take Way Out West Festival


Kwaai shut the Way Out West Festival down!

When a group of Swedish musicians and rappers made the trip to South Africa to record a new album they had no idea that they would leave with more than just a collection of kwaai tracks.

The culmination of that trip is the Swedish-South African musical gumbo act that goes by the simple name, Kwaai. December 2012 saw their first meeting which has since sprung up a wealth of musical genius among the musical creative think tank that is the crew.

The Way Out West Festival in Göteborg, Sweden is one of Sweden’s biggest music festivals. This year saw the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys and Miguel making the top of the headliner set list. But the Gothenberg music junkies knew what they were really there for and so did festival managers. Kwaai was set as one of the festival’s closing acts and judging by the fans’ reaction, it was definitely a best for last performance set.

Kwaai invite us on their delayed (by certain crew members) travels to Way Out West on their tour bus. You’ll get to meet every last eccentric character that makes up the eclectic crew and their tongue-in-cheek, take-no-prisoners tour manager.

A collaboration that works as effortlessly as this happens once in a lifetime – experience the magic in this 12-minute visual tour diary.


Watch: Euphonik’s “euNITE” | Episode 3


En route Spring Fiesta & H2O.

The country’s two biggest music weekends require no less than one of the biggest DJs in the land to rock the music hungry crowds. To that effect, promoters who more than accurate in finding a place for Euphonik on their set lists.

In this, the third episode of his online reality show, euNITE, Euphonik recollects his experiences at Spring Fiesta and H2O. While noting the difference in the general race of the crowds either festival pull in, he found little more difference. From world-class production, to energy surging crowds, people who really know how to party and Euphonik branded tuk-tuks, this year’s Spring Fiesta and H2O music festivals would create memories the iconic DJ would never forget.

Watch: The Weeknd Causes a Riot in Hollywood, Performs on Jimmy Kimmel | Revolt TV


The Weeknd shuts Hollywood down.

The Weeknd snuck out onto the streets of Hollywood to engage with fans and do a secret CD signing. Needless to say, it turned out to be quite a riot. A hoard of screaming fans trailed behind Abel and his entourage as they moved from location-to-location before ending up on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

You’ve already seen The Weeknd’s performance of “Pretty” on Jimmy Kimmel. Now we’ve got three more songs for you. Get ready for, “High for This”, “Professional” and “Wicked Games”.

Watch: EARLWOLF Summer Tour 2013 – Reading Festival


EARLWOLF get to meet another idol on tour.

Between buying girls gifts after sexual favours and marrying stage hands, EARLWOLF didn’t only turn the Reading Festival into a jump but they were lucky enough to meet another idol of theirs. The elaborate and audacious MC DOOM was set to rock Reading Festival but it seems he rocked the Odd Future crew a little more. He took some time to hang out with the crew and even brought Earl to tears.

Look out for an announcement of forthcoming OF tours at the end of the clip and check back soon for details on these and more.

Watch: Janelle Monáe Performs & Promotes ‘The Electric Lady’ | Revolt TV


Janelle electrifies with her new album live.

Arguably one of the hardest working musicians of our time, Janelle Monáe is a stellar performer and a provocative musician whose success is testament to a style and niche that is informed by the legacy of legends yet completely her own. With the advent of the release of her latest offering, The Electric Lady, Monáe set out on a slew of promotional performances on talk shows like David Letterman as well an iconic American tour. Revolt TV tracks her progress on the road and chats to the sassy songstress about her album. And what a special album it is for her: she reveals how honoured she was to work with some of her favourite musicians from Prince to Solange, Erykah Badu and so many more. Look out for a sweet message and special delivery from Prince that almost brings the electric lady to tears. All this and more, below.

Watch: The Weeknd Calls Fans | Revolt TV


Do not do acid at The Weeknd’s show.

Were you one of the people who thought we were just trying to catch you out or were you one of those who actually dialed the number The Weeknd advertised for his album and tour? Well if you fall under the latter, look out for your call back from Abel in this next video clip. Oh and about doing acid at The Weeknd’s show, you have full permission now. Except he’s not taking responsibility.

Watch: R. Kelly Debuts “Black Panties” in Atlanta | Revolt TV


R. Kelly debuts new single and reveals details on his journey.

Exclusive industry folk and friends got a first listen of R. Kelly’s new single “Black Panties” in Atlanta and Revolt TV was there to capture all the action.

Many people have always found it peculiar and simply strange that the King of R&B can move seamlessly between bedroom bangers and angelic anthems. In an impromptu talk with his party of exclusive guests, he reveals how his story involves everything from sex, clubs, women and church. More importantly, he states emphatically that he’s not afraid of any of it and that it’s his destiny to use his gift to share it with the world.

Much like the guy who catches the football: he runs. And that’s what I got. I feel like I got that ball in my hands still and I’m still running. So my story is all of this: sex, money, broke, women, clubs, and even church. It’s all of those things mixed up into one. I’m not afraid of it. I understand it. It is the nature of life. This gift I have, it’s a beautiful disease and I’m glad I got it.

All hail the King! But as we know, not everyone does. In fact, quite the contrary is true for Mr Robert Sylvester Kelly. He address the haters in the second half of the clip and explains how he doesn’t like being disliked but that he’s found a positive way around it.

It seems like it’s a completely new day for R. Kelly and we can’t wait to see how this new era turns out. For all things R. Kelly, stay with Feedbaq. Until the next release, take a peek of the exclusive Atlanta listening party below.

Watch: EARLWOLF Summer Tour 2013 | Paris, France Part 1


Earl Sweatshirt brings watermelons to Paris.

For the Paris stop of their EARLWOLF Summer Tour, Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt find themselves performing in the largest venue they’ve had yet. The French fans couldn’t get enough of them and Tyler captalises on their excitement by revving the crowd up. Kendrick Lamar seems to have grown something of an affinity towards the OF crew and hangs out with them backstage to play ball with Earl’s watermelon. Still no sign of courage to go up and meet Eminem it seems. But there’s always Part 2…

Watch: EARLWOLF Summer Tour Glasgow, Scotland


EARLWOLF gets unleashed in Glasgow.

Basically, what you saw in Ireland, is what happened in Scotland, only a lot more intense. This time there was skating, go-kart racing and Kendrick Lamar. Not to mention, Earl and Tyler still haven’t mustered up the courage to go over to Eminem but some Scots show them why nothing’s impossible. So in an attempt to be equally as bad, Tyler convinces everyone (and by everyone I mean Earl) to eat dinner shirtless in their tour bus.