PREMIERE: DJ Twitty ft Mampintsha, Bhar & Sir Bubzin – “Zulu Moto” | Video


How far will you go for love?

For three young music makers, it seems as though the limits are non-existent.

DJ Twitty has just dropped the video to his latest single “Zulu Moto”. In it, his musical contributors, Mampintsha, Bhar and Sir Bubzin, battle it out for a shot at love with the girl of their dreams. Come secluded homes, rural distance or technology barriers, these guys stop at nothing to save their damsel in distress.

It’s a made-for-summer house tune that’s sure to get you dancing whether you’re aware of what a ‘Zulu Moto’ is exactly or not.


PREMIERE: Reason ft. Tumi, Ginger Breadman & Tall A$$ Mo – “Bump the Cheese Up” | Video


You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

Many a new artist (if not all) know the story all too well: you get to a gig, perform your heart out and you get shortchanged, and that’s if you’re lucky, because it’s likely you won’t even get paid.

But if you’re Reason, you’ve got a standard response: “Bump the Cheese Up”. Hanging out with rappers Tumi, Ginger Breadman and, everyone’s favourite funnyman, Tall A$$ Mo, Reason drops the video to his new you-are-not-getting-away-with-cheating-me-out-***** anthem! Mo provides the comic relief by playing the naïve, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new artist who gets cheated out of his performance. Meanwhile, Reason, Tumi and Ginger Breadman hit the mic with some of the best bars we’ve heard this year.

Pump up the volume on this one and let your debtors know to bump the mother****** cheese up.

Listen: Kennedy Thal – “You Are the One” | Demo


Kennedy Thal sings it to the world on latest demo.

If this is a trend that Kennedy Thal intends on keeping up throughout the summer, it’s about to be a season of good vibrations.

As was the case with the last demo, we have little to no information about the future of “You Are the One”. What we do know is that it features DRMTK and a more produced sound than its predecessor.

It’s desperate cry for love that is ironically sexy. It’s a song that’s five to radio-ready and proves the worth of a young artist ready to explode.

Get your summer started off to a smooth groove with, “You Are the One”.

Watch: Trevor Rebello’s ‘Slow Horses: The Shortfilm’ Part II


Are you in the business of selling your love?

The second and penultimate installment of the shortfilm Slow Horses sees our tragic hero lead begin his out-of-control spiral to peril.

Kudos to you Mr Rebello – we couldn’t think of a better song to go with the midway chapter than “The Love You Sell”. It is precisely this song that magnifies the violence that is Part II’s climatic end. Make no mistake: violence is inexcusable. But as it goes with the Othellos and Oedipuses of the world, there’s a part in all of us that tends to sympathise with particular offenders in particular circumstances. So perhaps one could understand – however not condone – the actions of one who defends the love he fell victim to purchasing.

Or maybe life just sucks and no matter how nicely you clean up for your girl’s house party, a leopard never changed its spots. Whatever it is, it’s a great motion picture underscored by great music.

NEW: DJ Clock ft. Beatenberg–Pluto (Remember You)



DJ Clock and Beatenberg arouse nostalgia on new single.


If there’s one thing that seems to be on DJ Clock’s side it’s time, and what with him only being on The 4th Tick, it’s clear that we’re still in for many more hits to come.

“Pluto (Remember You)” serves as both the second single off of Clock’s The 4th Tick: A Clockumentary and the second single from breakout band Beatenberg. The infectious house number makes use of the writing talents of Beatenberg singer Matthew for tune that’s as catchy as it is catered for the summer party scene.

We suggest you get your dancing shoes on – it’s about to be a party!

Beatenberg are currently in studio recording their debut full length, The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg due for release early 2014. Feedbaq will be sure to bring you the latest on this and DJ Clock.

NEW: “Y-tjukutja” – Uhuru ft. Dj Buckz, Oskido, Professor & Yuri-Da-Cunha | Video


Are you too stiff for the Y-tjukutja?

Every summer, party goers are offered the opportunity to refresh their repertoire with a new dance craze. Have you caught on to the Y-tjukutja?

We won’t bother trying to figure out what it means or where it originates from. The new Uhuru track is irresistible and even if you’re not a pro Y-tjukutja-er, you’ll find an excuse to get up and dance to this number. As if that wasn’t enough, it features house heavyweights and legends including DJ Bucks, Oskido, Professor and Angolan vocalist, Yuri-Da-Cunha.

Summer’s officially here and that means it’s time to get down. Get your Y-tjukutja on with the new Uhuru hit!

Euphonik & Channel O Present Wild for the Night | Taboo Sandton


Euphonik is going Wild for the Night at Taboo in Sandton!

Friday, 6 December, will see the biggest house and hip hop party of the year kick off the end-of-year party scene.

Euphonik, in association with Channel O and Superga, brings you Wild for the Night. Both house and hip hop heads will be catered for on the night with two dedicated floors at Taboo in Sandton. Expect your favourite house DJs including Fresh, Black Coffee, Kent and, of course, Euphonik. On the hip hop bill, DJs Sphectacula, Speedsta and Capital are set to keep all the snapback-clad heads bopping.

With many more DJs listed for the night, it’s the one party that’s sure to get the year-end party scene started. Make sure you can I say, “I got wild that night” by purchasing your ticket for a cool R150 at Computicket.

NEW: F.eU ft. Nyanda – “Cool & Deadly” | Video


Fresh and Euphonik are in Miami, bitch!

We’ve heard it time and time before: music connects the world. The following project reaffirms this sentiment in the most practical way possible.

DJs Fresh and Euphonik set out to record a new summer jam with Brick & Lace vocalist, Nyanda. The collaboration would see them jet off to Miami to record the new track. Between Fresh recording Euphonik recording him, meeting up with Europe’s top DJs, partying until after 2AM in Miami and why kids shouldn’t drink, the party single of the summer was recorded and approved by Miami’s hardest partygoers!

Catch up with F.eU and their Miami antics and get the party started with the Nyanda-featured, “Cool & Deadly”.

NEW: DJ Dimplez ft. Red Button & SFS – “They Wanna Know” | Video


They wanted to know. Now they do!

Nothing could have prepared us for the new video by DJ Dimplez, not even the teaser video he dropped a while ago.

The Red Button and SFS-assisted new single, “They Wanna Know”, is visually aided with a creative and artistic new video. What comes across as a organized gang unit trading in a car parts dumpster, turns out to be an attempt to keep music alive at all costs.

You’ve partied to the track more times than alcohol will allow you to remember – the time has come to relish the creativity that is both track and accompanying video.

Watch: Spoek Mathambo with Special Guest Zoe Modiga LIVE at Rocking the Daisies 2013 | Full Set


Photo credit:

He’s here to start a riot in this mother!

The show ended with a concluding statement by the MC dubbing him the “most innovative artist” from South Africa, and it’s just as well, because if you have yet to encounter the creative tour de force that is Spoek Mathambo you’ll have no choice but to agree after watching this set.

Spoek Mathambo took over the main stage at this year’s Rocking the Daises with one goal in mind: to cause a riot up in that mofo. Performing all his hits, including fan favourites, “Control”, “Father Creeper” and “Let Them Talk”, a mask-clad Mathambo turned things into a mosh pit!

Known for his eccentric style, this performance was a lesson in stage costume. A tribal print jumpsuit paired with a yellow coat and gold mask completed the first of two outfits for his RTD set. It wasn’t long before the finale would see him lose both coat and mask for a Native American chief’s hat.

But this wasn’t before he was to invite his special guest Zoe Modiga on to the stage who tinged the alternative hip hop set with her cocoa butter, earthy sound, allowing us to see her fragile side with her acoustic solo. A duo (or two) was in order and the seamless gelling of the two distinct sounds reaffirmed the length and breadth of Mathambo’s innovative prowess.

He’s one of the country’s most valuable exports and there is no better experience of the genius that is Spoek Mathambo than the live experience. Got yours below.