NEW: Eazy – “Dirty Mind” | Audio


Get on the floor and dance – it’s Eazy!

A hot new dance track perfectly catered for summer partygoers is what Eazy has packaged in 4 uptempo minutes.

Eazy’s “Dirty Mind” fuses EDM, house and some very well placed kwaito accents for a sound all his own. Not only does it gel so effortlessly but it just sounds like it was always meant to be. Concerning the title: we rate it’s an indication of where the music might take you to once the groove gets in you – yes, it’s that infectious.

Be warned: playing this jam at the office might not be the wisest of decisions this early in the week. If your manager is going to sign those Christmas leave forms best you stay on your best behaviour.

Happy partying, party people!


Listen: Kennedy Thal – “You Changed Me” | Demo


Kennedy Thal rediscovers and realises himself along the way.

While we’re not completely certain about the future of this premature record we thought it too bright a diamond in the rough to keep secret for too long.

The intimate and heartfelt demo that debuted today is Kennedy Thal’s “You Changed Me”. The 4-minuter takes you on Thal’s retrospective journey of realising him and the affect a relationship has had on his personal development. If you know anything about Thal, you know that his covers of popular radio hits are perhaps what he’s best known for. We hope that that changes after this record. You have never heard him sound more effortlessly powerful, more undeniably sincere, more vocally strong – his best effort yet and a clear indicator that his is a voice to stand the test of time.

We brace ourselves for the future of this record or the advent of future demos. Whatever happens from here on out you can rest assured it will only get better.

Check back soon for more on Kennedy Thal.

#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: A Conversation With Micheal Lowman


We did a post on Micheal Lowman a few weeks ago and recently we went down to Smack Republic at Arts on Main in the Maboneng District to attend Micheal Lowman’s album launch for his debut album titled Crayon Boxes.

The music was presented in an intimate setting reminiscent of VH1 Storytellers program. Micheal started out the evening with a cover of John Mayer’s “Dear Marie” off his new album Wildfire. What followed was a trip into Micheal’s soul via original music from the Crayon Boxes album.


Each song was played acoustically with just his voice and a guitar. He started each song with an often funny story about how the music was written and what inspired it. This way of presenting the music made it feel even more personal and authentic. When listening to the music one really gets the sense that we have only just scratched the surface with Micheal Lowman. He truly was born to make music and will go far beyond South Africa.


Download the album here and listen to the interview we did with him about his album, single choices and the album making process and how he envisions his career in the future below.

Check out the video for ‘Your Lovin’ Ain’t Right’ and the lyric video for second single ‘Girl Saves Boy’ below.

PREMIERE: Drake ft. Majid Jordan – “Hold On, We’re Going Home” | Video


Drake takes it 80s Miami gangsta style for new video.

Following the release of Nothing Was The Same, Tuesday this week, Drake just dropped the visual to the album’s lead single.

The longform video is slowly becoming the standard with every other artist trying to capture a cinematic feel in the visual accompaniment for the singles. The Majid Jordan-assisted “Hold On, We’re Going Home” music video, is a throwback to the 80s Miami gangsta scene. During a celebration in an upmarket club – hosted by supporting star and rapper, A$AP Rocky – Drake gets a phone call demanding a ransom exchange for the freedom of his girl. Drake and his crew make it to the negotiation except their ransom comes in firearms as opposed to cash-filled briefcases. The shoot out scene is reminiscent of those of the Bad Boys film franchise and, in isolation, you would be forgiven for thinking it was cut from a film.

The new ballad by the rapper alone should be enough of an impetus to get you to purchase Nothing Was The Same. As an added incentive, check out Drake’s 7-minute shortfilm to go with it.

Watch: Zendaya Cites Michael Jackson, Beyoncé as Musical Influences | VEVO Lift


Zendaya chats to VEVO about artists who inspire her.

She may be fresh and young but something about Zendaya tells us that she’s going to be around for a very long time. With her influence stemming from some of the greatest in the business – from Michael Jackson to Beyoncé – it’s just as well that she should as she walks on their shoulders. She reveals details of her theatre-filled upbringing and her love for music and the stage which has led her to where she’s at today. All of this and more, below.

In case you missed her new single, “Replay”, we’ve got you covered.

PREMIERE: Robin Thicke ft. Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz – “Give It 2 U” | Video


Robin Thicke has a big…budget for his new video.

This is perhaps one of the most anticipated videos of the year. When you’re responsible for a video as viral as “Blurred Lines”, everybody wants to know and see what you’re going to do next.

The new single off of Thicke’s Blurred Lines is perhaps not the best we’ve heard from Thicke. It isn’t “Blurred Lines” but we don’t require it to be. It’s more mainstream pop than we’ve ever heard Thicke and I must say that we miss his beautiful composition prowess displayed in songs of The Evolution of Robin Thicke era. However, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz assist with rap efforts which will probably give the song more credit than it deserves.

To take it back to the subject of the video, this video is huge. They went big on every single detail. The drum majorette themed clip sees a carnival of costumed girls parading around a field in ecstasy. But it couldn’t just be girls – when one goes big ,one must go all the way. They got in a mobile twerk machine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they pull out a larger than life derriere on a rig that performs “Bandz a Make Her Dance”-esque movements.

You’ll love it or you won’t mind it: it’s Robin Thicke hanging out with K Dot and 2 Chainz in “Give It 2 U”.

PREMIERE: Jessie J – “It’s My Party” | Video


Jessie J’s a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants coz its her party.

Perhaps the correct term would be the plural: parties. For Jessie J’s new made-for-the-radio pop single, “It’s My Party”, the video finds her visiting a series of rooms. With each door that she opens, she finds a myriad of ornately themed parties. Being the crazy chick she accepts herself to be in the new track, she fits in to every single one before turning it all into one big ol’ jam.

Premiere: Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Jill Scott – ‘Calls’ | Audio + Album Track List


Jazz pianist and record producer, Robert Glasper, released his critically acclaimed album ‘Black Radio’ in 2012 and won a Grammy award for Best R&B Album. He was praised for his thought-provoking lyrical content and his fusion of R&B, Soul and Hip Hop which brought the sound of Jazz to the ears of a younger market while still satisfying the traditional Jazz audience.

He is now back with a new album titled ‘Black Radio 2’ and has released the first single ‘Calls’ featuring the ever soulful Jill Scott on vocals.
The album will have guest appearances from Anthony Hamilton, Common, Brandy and Emeli Sandé among others and will be released on October 29th.

Listen to the first single below and check out the track list for the album.

Track listing for Black Radio 2 :

1. Baby Tonight (Black Radio Intro)
2. I Stand Alone featuring Common and Patrick Stump
3. What Are We Doing featuring Brandy
4. Calls featuring Jill Scott
5. No Worries featuring Dwele
6. Trust featuring Marsha Ambrosius
7. Yet To Find featuring Anthony Hamilton
8. You Own Me featuring Faith Evans
9. Let It Ride featuring Norah Jones
10. Persevere featuring Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco and Luke James
11. Somebody Else featuring Emeli Sandé
12. Jesus Children of America featuring Lalah Hathaway and Malcolm-Jamal Warner

PREMIERE: Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz – “Talk Dirty” | Audio


Jason Derulo talks dirty over a new sound.

It was never really clear just where exactly to box Derulo but we settled for pop because he could be a British pop star and he’s got the moves. But if there was ever an R&B hit that came out from his stable, his new single is it. “Talk Dirty” delivers precisely what it’s name suggests with the help of American rapper, 2 Chainz. But it’s the funkadelic horns and bass note of the production that make the song, very J-Lo “Get Right”-esque with a hint of Barbadian flare. If this does not make it to your radio or club soon, there truly is no justice in the world. We can’t wait to see the moves he brings out for the video.

Jason was nice enough to include the lyrics along with the release of the song. So hit play and jam along with the official lyrics after the jump.


I’m that flight that you get on


First class seat on my lap girl

Riding comfortable

‘Cause I know what the girls them need

New York to Haiti

I got lipstick stamps on my passport

You make it hard to leave

Been around the world don’t speak the language

But your booty don’t need explaining

All I really need to understand is when you

Talk dirty to me

You know the words to my songs

No habla Ingles

Our conversations ain’t long

But you know what is

I know what the girls them want

London to Taiwan

I got lipstick stamps on my passport

I think I need a new one

Been around the world, don’t speak the language

But your booty don’t need explaining

All I really need to understand is when you

Talk dirty to me

(Uno) Met your friend in Rio

(Dos) She was all on me yo

(Tres) We can ménage a three tho

(Quatro) Oh yeah

Dos Cadenas, close to genius

Sold out arenas, you can suck my penis

Gilbert Arenas, guns on deck

Chest to chest, tongue on neck

International oral sex

Every picture I take I pose a threat

Bought a jet, what you expect?

Her pussy’s so good, I bought her a pet

Anyway, every day I’m trying to get to it

Got it saved in my phone, under big booty

Anyway, every day I’m trying to get to it

Got it saved in my phone, under big booty

New Artist: VanJess ’00 Till Escape’ EP | Listen + Download + Watch


With the new-age breed of artists like Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance and Esmee Denters being discovered on YouTube, it’s no wonder that these girls are making their way into the industry through the same avenue.

VanJess is a new girl duo comprising of sisters, Ivana and Jessica. They’re originally from Nigeria but moved to the USA in their early teens. They’ve been doing covers of the biggest Urban/Pop records on YouTube for the past four years and now, are finally breaking out and proving that they are just as good at creating their own music.

OO Till Escape is their first official EP. It’s an eclectic mix of R&B/Soul and a bit of Hip-Hop and some slight Dancehall influences. The title track of the EP deals with taking ambition and running with it and blocking out any negativity. It’s the perfect way to introduce them to the world.

Get into ‘OO Till Escape’ and ‘Killer Lover’ below and download the EP here.

Bonus: Watch their cover mash-up of ‘Power Trip’ by J. Cole featuring Miguel and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’.