NEW: Danny K – “Dream” | Lyric Video


What do you dream about Danny K?

Danny K’s Good Look is clearly set to turn up the heat this summer and the latest single off the album is testament to this claim.

“Dream” is the new dance number off of the new album by Danny K and it’s all parts club and all parts amazing. It’s not often that you hear a song you can jam to in the club that has half decent lyrics. Danny K paints the picture of the perfect romance with metaphors ranging from the elements to the ethereal.

But don’t bother trying to process all of that at a go. The lyric video is here to help you out and get you ready to show your mates that you could be the next R&B star. Get practicing below.


NEW: Naya Rivera ft. Big Sean – “Sorry” | Lyric Video


Naya Rivera is sorry she’s not sorry.

Naya Rivera is making her mark with her new unapologetic pop number. The Big Sean-assisted “Sorry” sees Rivera pulling her tongue at her man’s hot mess of an ex with no sympathy or remorse. The singer and performer who first caught our attention on Glee is bound to stand as an artist in her own right with this new one.

Take a peek at the accompanying human body themed lyric video. If this visual os anything to go by, we can’t wait to see it.

NEW: Natalia Kills – “Outta Time” | Lyric Video


Natalia Kills determines her relationship’s fate country style.

In a sound that we have yet to hear from Natalia Kills, she cuts country-pop song, or should we say neo-country, as her new single. Think Dolly Parton-meets-Lady Gaga, which even in itself isn’t too farfetched – we know how much Mother Monster loves the classics and the legends who create them. In Kills’ “Outta Time”, we see a move as rare as the genre she’s recording in. It isn’t her man that’s out of time but rather her misdemeanors have left their relationship out of time. 9.9/10 break up songs always paint the ex as the antagonist – why, hello there, Adele – but Kills takes full responsibility for this one and accepts her fate saying she messed up and she knows no one’s going to be at the end of the line when she dials the phone. The accompnaying self-directed lyric video is as pretty as the song and its creator and only leaves us with baited breath for the official video.

NEW: Shaun Jacobs – “End of the Road” | Lyric Video


Shaun Jacobs is in it for the long run.

The easiest and most cowardly thing to do in a relationship is walk away. It’s when we can’t face our problems and allow fear to get the better of us that we look for the easy way out. “end of the Road” is Shaun Jacobs way of letting his love (wife?) know that no matter what they go through, he will always be there for her. It’s a joyride, sing-along jam and it’s sure to quench your girl’s curiosity and insecurities.

PREMIERE: Coldplay – “Atlas” (from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack) | Audio


Coldplay return with a larger than life soundtrack single.

Pick up a Coldplay album at any good music store and you know you’ve made a wise investment. Nothing is ever as it seems on the first listen of a Coldplay record and their musical prowess expands ever more so with this, their latest effort.


With what’s arguably the most philosophical and existential single the British band has ever spawned, Coldplay make thier contribution to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack with a ballad titled “Atlas”. Part of the song’s success lies in the minimalist approach Coldplay introduced with Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends and perfected in Mylo Xyloto. Earlier this year, we heard the band contemplating whether or not to reveal details of their new music and of course they opted for the latter. This new single reduces all the suspense to water under the bridge.

NEW: M.I.A. – “Come Walk With Me” | Lyric Video


M.I.A. fux with you on new single.

We all need that friend that’s ride or die and it’s usually the friends that you can get stupid with and get down. “Come Walk With Me” is MIA’s ode to such a friend. On a first listen, a true MIA fan will expect the switch-up from the suspense-inducing, drawn out intro. It will make you dance. It will make you smile. It will give you street cred. It may even arouse a little sass. Learn the lyrics below and impress your colleagues at work tomorrow.

NEW: Avicii – “You Make Me” | Lyric Video


Avicii assists sing-a-long fans with new lyric video.

Thing about this new Avicii cut is that the chances of you getting the lyrics wrong are slim (or at least they seem to be) because if you’re singing a different story we’re not sure where you’re getting it from. Never the less, the new dance number is not only perfect for the club but it’s video is too. The perfect VJing visuals that the clubs are into today. Get your club freak on below.

NEW: Ishmael ft. Veezo – “Get With You” | Lyric Video


Ishmael puts his mack on in new single.

Gentlemen. If you’re struggling to get you a girl, this is Macking 101 courtesy of Ishmael. There’s not a single trick from the book that he doesn’t use to coax his dream girl into falling in love with him. He’s not the only one on the prowl though, rapper Veezo lends his assistance to the mack lesson with verses at the begin and middle of the new single. The bold bass mid-tempo is produced by Ishmael himself and is bound to find a comfortable spot on your playlist and the radio’s.

To ensure you don’t get any of the lessons twisted, the guys at Muthaland dropped a lyric video to keep everyone on board. Get your pens and paper ready – class is in session.

NEW: Azealia Banks ft. Pharrell – “ATM Jam” | Lyric Video


I got racks, racks, racks ’til the ATM jam! Tell me whatchu gon’ do!

…is about to be your new favourite line. There’s no denying a Pharrell-produced track and their notorious infectiousness. Azealia Banks uses the producer extraordinaire’s assistance on her latest jam that will have you making best friends with the repeat button. “ATM Jam” is the kind of life we all want to be living. Thankfully, nobody’s checking whether you’ve got six places or more after the decimal comma when you’re jamming to this joint. It’ll make you feel like the baddest (and richest) bitch in the club and it’s all thanks to Banks’ low-key feistiness coupled with Pharrell’s underplayed sex appeal. (Downplaying always amplifies attitude – and Banks and Williams know and prove it in this one.)

NEW: 30 Seconds to Mars – “City of Angels” | Lyric Video


30 Seconds to Mars fly high in the City of Angels.

A lyric video is never just a lyric video in the vision of 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared Leto’s initial stint in film must be a major influence on the band’s visuals for they ever remain a treat. This latest lyric video is no different. The recording of the “City of Angels” video was done in Los Angeles as I’m sure you’ve guessed but it’s LA like you’ve never seen it before. The video is shot in during twilight, colouring the Californian skyline with hues of deep reds and oranges. Throw in Jared Leto’s silhouette and some interactive lyrics and you’ve got the most beautiful clip to one of Mars’ most sincere records.