Watch: Spotlight on SXSW 2014: Music, Film & Interactive


A look forward to everyone’s favourite festival.

The South by Southwest is one of the biggest melting pots for creatives in the world. It may be known for its show-stopping music festival but it’s so much more. The ten day festival which kicks off on the 7th of March next year in Austin, Texas, includes film premieres, interactive games centres and influential talks, seminars and presentations. Expect to an array of,

new media presentations, music showcases and film screenings provide buzz-generating exposure for creators and compelling entertainment for audiences. Conference panel discussions present a forum for learning, business activity thrives at the SXSW Trade Show: The Exhibition for Creative Industries and global networking opportunities abound.

Take a look at what you can look forward to next year below:


Watch: Jimmy Nevis Concert Stage Design | No Regrets LIVE


Jimmy Nevis finds inspiration for set design.

It was exactly a week ago when we announced that Jimmy Nevis would be taking over the Baxter Concert Hall as part of his No Regrets Live Tour. We got a peek of his band rehearsal back then. This time, we get a look into the creation of the show’s mise-en-scéne. The clip shows Nevis and his team plotting and planning and sourcing inspiration for the show’s set design and we’ve spotted some really interesting visuals. He ends the meeting off with a jam session to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Me Me Feel”. What more could one ask for?

Watch: Zakes Bantwini LIVE at Oppikoppi Festival 2013 | Full Performance Set


Zakes Bantwini raises the roof at Oppikoppi with his signature moves.

The music scene in South Africa has grown in leaps and bounds and we’ve come to see a myriad of incredible musicians emerging. But we’ve yet to see an age of performers. A local talent who stands head-and-shoulders above the rest is one Zakes Bantwini. Give the man a mic, a stage and some lights and he’ll keep you fired up all night with his slick moves, raspy timbre and pelvic thrusts. For his recent stint at the annual Oppikoppi Festival, he stopped the show with not just a showcase of the artist that is Bantwini but a celebration of good music. Covers from Bob Marley to Boom Shaka made for special treats for the audience who couldn’t get enough of the man with the moves.

Catch a peek of the set list and performance below:
1 – Take It All Off
2 – Wasting My Time
3 – It’s About Time (Boom Shaka cover)
4 – One Love (Bob Marley cover)
5 – Karolina
6 – Bum Bum
7 – Sawa Sawalegn (Ziggy Zaga cover)
8 – Clap Your Hands / Clap Your Hands (Remix) Medley

Watch: Robbie Williams “Come Undone” + “Bodies” Rehearsal | Take The Crown Stadium Tour


Robbie Williams gets immortalised for his world tour.

When Robbie hits the road, he brings it. One hundred and Robbie percent. In this exclusive tour rehearsal footage for his upcoming Take the Crown Stadium Tour, you’ll see Robbie and his beautiful back-up singers and band performing the hit singles, “Come Undone” and “Bodies”, on a platform surrounding a larger than life statue of Robbie’s head. You may recognise it from the Take the Crown album art. But it isn’t just a steel frame structure. It can do things which we’ll let you discover down below.

The clips both coast around the minute mark, give or take, so we don’t get much to see. From what we do get to see though, it looks like this is about to be one of the biggest tours of the year! Good to have you back, Robbie.

#TBT: The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up” LIVE 1990 | Steel Wheels Tour


The Rolling Stones get the Tokyo Dome started up!

1989 saw The Rolling Stones embarking on a North American tour of their album Steel Wheels. The tour eventually led them to Japan in February of 1990 and the later to Europe under new poster and name, Urban Jungle Tour. This week, on this Rolling Stones Throwback, we take you back 23 years to the Tokyo Dome where an electric rock and roll band rocked out a packed stadium of some the most ardent fans!

A #2 Billboard Hot 100 single and your favourite song, here’s The Rolling Stones now with, “Start Me Up” live.

As an added treat, check out the official music video, released nine years before this performance.

NEW: Psy – “Goose’s Dream” LIVE | Happening Concert


Psy gets moved to tears by Seoul fans who believed in his dream.

As part of his Happening Concert, which is rumoured to have sold out it in merely half an hour, Psy performed to his beloved South Korean fans in its capital city, Seoul. During the performance of “Goose’s Dream” in April this year, Psy is moved by the support of the fans in the sardine packed Seoul World Cup Stadium. Perhaps the nostalgia of being back in your hometown coupled with 40 000 adoring fans screaming your name would move even the baddest Joe to tears.

Although all sung in Korean, this is probably one of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear. English subtitles are provided for those who don’t understand Korean but my advice is on your first watch, just listen. Because you’ll want to watch it again. Then be blown away by the beauty of what he’s saying.

If you were looking for something like “Gangnam Style” you’re out of luck in that regard. But allow me to introduce to you Psy, The Singer.

NEW: Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rap” LIVE | The Metro


At 20 years old, a young Chicago born rapper is already playing to sold-out audiences.

While currently on tour to promote his new album, Acid Rap, Chance The Rapper stopped by The Metro in his native Chicago, to perform to two back-to-back sold-out crowds. Now in this exclusive tour footage, you’ll get to see the rapper do his thing one acid rap at a time. Needless to say, it was a jump. You didn’t hear the audience scream, “We want Chance!” before the rapper came out. I think they all addicted.

One of the rappers to look out for this year? Hell yeah!

If you haven’t already got on The Chance Rapper train, we fortunately have some tickets left for you. Stream and download Acid Rap right here.

NEW ARTIST: Nakhane Touré Debuts “Brave Confusion” | Just Music Sessions


The phenomenal new talent, Nakhane Touré, is here to unpack the brave confusion of the black status quo.

For a new artist, we can already see he is going to be around for a very long time. He’s carving out his own musical niche inspired by authors he enjoys, sights from day-to-day life and musicians such as the legendary, Fela Kuti, Ali Farka Touré, Morrissey and Roadiohead. A musical gumbo of inspiration if there ever was one.

I must admit defeat once beaten by the odds. So allow me to say, I have failed you as a music blogger in that I’m just now about to leach on the words of Touré himself to describe exactly what you’ll find on his debut record. However, it is all with good reason. Not only does it eloquently describe, without giving away too much, what you will experience after pressing play but never have I heard anyone explain so poignantly the status quo of black South Africans in our new democracy.

My debut album is called, ‘Brave Confusion’. It’s taken from a phrase in a James Baldwin novel called, ‘Go Tell It On the Mountain’ where he is actually describing, the narrator is describing, these pieces, this photograph on a table and he says, “…and they were there in brave confusion.” And I thought it was such a good phrase to describe not only me but my music and what’s going on. And sort of like the black status quo.

I think we’re in a place that’s bravely confused because we can’t go back to pre-colonialism and we can’t completely forsake everything that’s happened afterwards. So we’re sort of stuck in this strange middle ground and I’m stuck in a strange middle ground. And so that’s what it is.

And that’s what it is. Listening to that, you have to take a moment to breathe. I had just been trying to process the epic, classic sounds of his debut EP, Brave Confusion and that statement came along during all that processing to punch me in the gut. It’s in the way he croons his explicitly personal sentiments. It’s about the way he takes the idea of virtuoso to a casual, digestible state. It’s the way he simply makes sense of complexity.

South Africa isn’t ready for this but this is far too bright a diamond to keep secret in the dust. This is, Nakhane Touré.

NEW ARTIST: Matthew Mole Debuts “The Home We Built” LIVE | Just Music Sessions


Forget what you know about folk and electro.

Matthew Mole is one of the latest offerings from the Just Music stable and he’s well set on his way to becoming a game changer. A one-man band: all he needs is his guitar, snare and bass drum and his laptop. With these tools and a little bit of magic, Mole takes you on a musical journey to an indefinite place where music categories themselves are indefinite.

In this 20-minute part-live performance, part-interview clip, get to know the man behind the arsenal of electro-folk creating instruments, what his plans are and listen to the incredible sound he produces. It’s all right here, live from the Just Music Sessions.

Get all the tracks you just heard in that clip live on one EP on iTunes.

NEW: Beyoncé – Complete “Sound of Change Live” Performance | Video


We recently announced that Beyoncé would be headlining
Chime for Change’s The Sound of Change concert live at Twickenham Stadium. Now, we’ve got the full performance set for you to revel in.

Beyoncé kept in tune with the theme of concert drawing the focus back to the women and girls who the spectacle was about frequently during her set. Her opening song, Sam Cooke’s iconic, “A Change is Gonna Come”, set the tone for the rest of her setlist and what a setlist it was. Expect all your favourite songs plus a special performance of the new single, “Grown Woman”. Hubby and rap mogul, Jay-Z also shows up for a surprise cameo performance only to exit the stage by sharing a kiss with his grown woman! [cue collective sigh]

The setlist for the 45-minute set was arranged as follows:
1. A Change is Gonna Come
2. At Last
3. Run the World (Girls)
4. Survivor
5. Irreplaceable
6. If I Were a Boy
7. Crazy in Love ft. Jay-Z
8. Single Ladies
9. Grown Woman
10. I Will Always Love You
11. Halo