PREMIERE: DJ Twitty ft Mampintsha, Bhar & Sir Bubzin – “Zulu Moto” | Video


How far will you go for love?

For three young music makers, it seems as though the limits are non-existent.

DJ Twitty has just dropped the video to his latest single “Zulu Moto”. In it, his musical contributors, Mampintsha, Bhar and Sir Bubzin, battle it out for a shot at love with the girl of their dreams. Come secluded homes, rural distance or technology barriers, these guys stop at nothing to save their damsel in distress.

It’s a made-for-summer house tune that’s sure to get you dancing whether you’re aware of what a ‘Zulu Moto’ is exactly or not.


PREMIERE: Reason ft. Tumi, Ginger Breadman & Tall A$$ Mo – “Bump the Cheese Up” | Video


You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

Many a new artist (if not all) know the story all too well: you get to a gig, perform your heart out and you get shortchanged, and that’s if you’re lucky, because it’s likely you won’t even get paid.

But if you’re Reason, you’ve got a standard response: “Bump the Cheese Up”. Hanging out with rappers Tumi, Ginger Breadman and, everyone’s favourite funnyman, Tall A$$ Mo, Reason drops the video to his new you-are-not-getting-away-with-cheating-me-out-***** anthem! Mo provides the comic relief by playing the na├»ve, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new artist who gets cheated out of his performance. Meanwhile, Reason, Tumi and Ginger Breadman hit the mic with some of the best bars we’ve heard this year.

Pump up the volume on this one and let your debtors know to bump the mother****** cheese up.

Watch: Trevor Rebello’s ‘Slow Horses: The Shortfilm’ Part II


Are you in the business of selling your love?

The second and penultimate installment of the shortfilm Slow Horses sees our tragic hero lead begin his out-of-control spiral to peril.

Kudos to you Mr Rebello – we couldn’t think of a better song to go with the midway chapter than “The Love You Sell”. It is precisely this song that magnifies the violence that is Part II’s climatic end. Make no mistake: violence is inexcusable. But as it goes with the Othellos and Oedipuses of the world, there’s a part in all of us that tends to sympathise with particular offenders in particular circumstances. So perhaps one could understand – however not condone – the actions of one who defends the love he fell victim to purchasing.

Or maybe life just sucks and no matter how nicely you clean up for your girl’s house party, a leopard never changed its spots. Whatever it is, it’s a great motion picture underscored by great music.

NEW: “Y-tjukutja” – Uhuru ft. Dj Buckz, Oskido, Professor & Yuri-Da-Cunha | Video


Are you too stiff for the Y-tjukutja?

Every summer, party goers are offered the opportunity to refresh their repertoire with a new dance craze. Have you caught on to the Y-tjukutja?

We won’t bother trying to figure out what it means or where it originates from. The new Uhuru track is irresistible and even if you’re not a pro Y-tjukutja-er, you’ll find an excuse to get up and dance to this number. As if that wasn’t enough, it features house heavyweights and legends including DJ Bucks, Oskido, Professor and Angolan vocalist, Yuri-Da-Cunha.

Summer’s officially here and that means it’s time to get down. Get your Y-tjukutja on with the new Uhuru hit!

NEW: F.eU ft. Nyanda – “Cool & Deadly” | Video


Fresh and Euphonik are in Miami, bitch!

We’ve heard it time and time before: music connects the world. The following project reaffirms this sentiment in the most practical way possible.

DJs Fresh and Euphonik set out to record a new summer jam with Brick & Lace vocalist, Nyanda. The collaboration would see them jet off to Miami to record the new track. Between Fresh recording Euphonik recording him, meeting up with Europe’s top DJs, partying until after 2AM in Miami and why kids shouldn’t drink, the party single of the summer was recorded and approved by Miami’s hardest partygoers!

Catch up with F.eU and their Miami antics and get the party started with the Nyanda-featured, “Cool & Deadly”.

NEW: DJ Dimplez ft. Red Button & SFS – “They Wanna Know” | Video


They wanted to know. Now they do!

Nothing could have prepared us for the new video by DJ Dimplez, not even the teaser video he dropped a while ago.

The Red Button and SFS-assisted new single, “They Wanna Know”, is visually aided with a creative and artistic new video. What comes across as a organized gang unit trading in a car parts dumpster, turns out to be an attempt to keep music alive at all costs.

You’ve partied to the track more times than alcohol will allow you to remember – the time has come to relish the creativity that is both track and accompanying video.

PREMIERE: Michael Lowman – “Girl Saves Boy” | Video


Michael Lowman captures summer in new video.

With summer finally here, Cape Town has got on its Sunday best. Michael Lowman was sure to take advantage of this for his latest visual offering.

Keeping in sync with the feel good groove of his hit song, “Girl Saves Boy”, Lowman captures an easy like Sunday morning love story in some of Cape Town’s most beautiful locations. In more obivous terms, it’s the feeling of your dream girl saving your heart. The warm, intimate feel of the video is the consequence of a Super 8-esque contrast inviting you to experience what true love feels like.

If you haven’t already, it’s time you slotted this tune onto your summer playlist. It’s what summer sounds like. It’s what summer feels like. And thanks to the new video, it’s what summer looks like too.

Watch: Trevor Rebello’s ‘Slow Horses: The Shortfilm’ Part I


Today might be your day…

It was only a few weeks after we brought you the debut EP Slow Horses that we got wind of a supplementary shortfilm in the works. Needless to say, it’s as epic as we expected it to be.

A new artist though he may be, it’s not so difficult to draw parallels between this folk rock icon and the legendary King of Pop. How about this grand gesture of an epic music video for starters? MJ got the ball rolling with “Thriller” and Rebello takes it to another level with a shortfilm first in South Africa (that we’ve seen) that captures the essence of his EP, dabbling with volatile questions of intimacy and heartbreak.

Part I of the shortfilm tries not to sugarcoat the harsh realities of a down-and-out life that can only be cured by self-medicating. That being said, a ray, or if only, a shimmer of hope is inspired with the hope that our tragic hero protagonist, played by Gordon Lambert, may still have his day. This is even amongst being shortchanged and getting up to unnecessary mischief at a house party.

If your life sounds dangerously similar (or not at all), this might be a good time to get your whisky ready. There’s no bravery required for viewing this Part I of the visual – it might just give it a nice kick to enjoy Slow Horses: The Shortfilm with drink in hand as did many an exclusive guest at The Bioscope premiere in Johannesburg. Get yours ready and catch up on them below.

Check back soon for Part II, the penultimate installment of Slow Horses: The Shortfilm.

PREMIERE: Die Heuwels Fantasties – “Hou Aan” | Video


Die Heuwels Fantasties inspire hope with a call to hold on.

A world class visual by a world class act – that’s what debuted online today.

Die Heuwels Fantasties have released their psychedelic visual interpretation of their new single, “Hou Aan”. Stunning cinematic visuals of a wanderer in a desert, a wander on an old farm road and a wanderer in a lonely town are artistically strung together to form a non-specific narrative. It is perhaps one of the best music videos to have come out of the country this year and well deserved for a song as epic as “Hou Aan”.

Of course the story ends not with the aimless wandering of the video’s concealed characters. As the inspirational song and its video illustrate, the sun always rises on over any dark situation so hold on to your seats and enjoy the shortfilm (because that’s actually what this music video is).

Pre-order the Wens Jy Was Hier EP on iTunes today and get the new single, “Hou Aan”, instantly. Support our world-class local music.

PREMIERE: Shaun Jacobs – “End of the Road” | Video


When it all falls down, he’ll be standing at the end of the road.

Shaun Jacobs ignites the nostalgia of a band’s humble garage rehearsal beginnings. Except this video isn’t really shot in a garage and Jacobs and his band are lightyears ahead of any garage band.

What is true of the new “End of the Road” video is that it proves that all you need to profess your undying love to your partner is a guitar, bass, drums and sticky notes. The new visual is intimate yet larger than life, home video-esque yet worthy of MTV exposure. And let’s not forget that the song this mini motion picture complements is one of the hottest radio singles of the moment.

We’ll call this the end of road for this post so that you can get on your way to the new clip.

Be sure to support good local music by purchasing Shaun Jacobs’ Love Can on iTunes.