Watch: Exclusive First Time Look at Mrs Carter Show World Tour | Video


In something of a video journal format, R&B megastar, Beyoncé has released a series of clips showcasing some of her most memorable moments during the Mrs Cater Show World Tour so far. You’ll get to meet everyone from her choreographic director, Frank Gatson Jr, to her dancers, The Twins and even some of the fans.

In the first two clips, check out the magnitude of a show that is the Mrs Carter Show as Frank exposes the many, many trucks and busses necessary to cart the show around. You’ll also get a peep of the Serbian airport and a fan’s reaction at meeting Frank and the dancers.

Upon arriving at the first arena for the opening show in Serbia, The Twins break it down to Bey’s “Halo”. Who’d have thought it possible? One of them even raps to it and it actually works!

And then it was opening night. Everyone looks nervous but equally as excited to perform the very first show of the tour!

The next stop for the show was Paris where Bey performed her new single off of her forthcoming fifth album, “Grown Woman” which went viral and got the BeyHive buzzing more than ever! For the record: we agree with Frank that this number is a major step up in Bey’s career and Beyoncé, you can calm down, we absolutely love it! Paris seems to have been the city of firsts, as this was also the city where The Twins’ mother got to see them perform for the very first time. (Cue collective sigh)

Now we all know that Bey is a performance machine but this next video takes it to another level. Listen to her talk about her concerns about performing after treating a case of tonsillitis only the day before! All hail, Queen Bey!

For those of you fortunate enough to attend, we hope this got you even more excited than you were when you bounced off the walls after purchasing your tickets. For those of you who’ve already attended, we hope we’ve induced a warm sense of nostalgia. For those of you who aren’t able to attend…

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